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If you’ve been injured, fallen ill, or been assaulted while a passenger on a cruise ship, you need skilled and experienced legal advice. The Law Offices of David M. Cohen, P.A. in Florida will guide you through the process of filing your claim. The cruise lines’ legal time bars, forum selection clauses and disclaimers are intended to make it difficult for you to recover on any personal injury or wrongful death claim.

It is unfortunate but true that people can get hurt or are attacked, fall sick, or even die on vacation, and terrible things can happen to passengers while on an ocean cruise. Once in a while a person simply disappears. We can advise and represent you if you or a loved one has experienced any of the following on a passenger cruise:

  • Personal injury, such as slip and fall, swimming accident, collision at sea or in port, or defective equipment incident.
  • Illness, such as food poisoning or negligent exposure to communicable disease.
  • Inadequate or negligent shipboard medical care or medical malpractice.
  • Sexual assault by fellow passengers or crew members.
  • Injuries or accidents in ports of call or on shore excursions.
  • Wrongful death, accidental death, or missing person cases.

Typically, cruise lines specify a limited time and a particular place for you to file a civil lawsuit for personal injury, negligence, or wrongful death damages. No matter where you took your cruise, The Law Offices of David M. Cohen, P.A. in Florida know how to evaluate and assess your cruise contract in order to determine just where and when the cruise operator can be sued.

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